Hey my lovely followers…

I have turned a new leaf and will no longer be using this blog. This probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise since I haven’t even written anything on here in ages anyways, but I thought I’d do the polite thing and let y’all know.

Thank you for sticking with me throughout this journey and for all your sweet comments :) If you think I’m going away forever, well this is just the beginning. Starting tomorrow, I will be releasing my NEW blog which is a lot less personal but definitely interesting and probably more delicious (yes, it deals with food).

Because you readers are the most important to me, I’m sharing it with you a day early! Check it out here. Follow me for the next part of my adventure :)

I wish you all a happy 2014 and may it bring good health, love and exciting opportunities!


moving on

Not exactly sure who will be reading this, as my blogging presence has been non-existent these past couple months. I guess I’m writing this more for myself than anything.

But to those of you who ARE reading, I’ve been quite busy lately. So busy that I haven’t even had the time to focus on this blog…which shouldn’t be an excuse, but if you moved across the country you may have done the same.

I’m now living in Los Angeles, CA and really liking it so far. The weather is great, I’m no longer in a long-distance relationship with my boyfriend and I’m finally focusing on starting my career. It’s been a really fun month but I’m starting to get a bit antsy from the uncertainty of, well, I’ve been doing endless job searching and haven’t been able to land anything solid. Maybe I’m being too picky, but I also know what I want. I want something that makes me feel whole, something that makes me excited to wake up every single morning. Hopefully I’ll find what this is eventually, but for now I’ll continue to enjoy this journey.

I knew I had to move out west to follow my dreams…so that’s exactly what I did.



Currently taking a break from the blog, as I’m getting my life together. Packing, working, & spending time with loved ones. Big changes are about to happen and if you’ve been following, you know what I’m talking about. If not, stay tuned…

Also be on the lookout for a completely new redesign of the site!! I’m looking forward to sprucing it up and making it even prettier :)

Stay lovely.


throwback 90’s thursday: Alicia Silverstone


Always have been and always will be obsessed with “Cher.” I wanted her closet as a little girl…and still do.

wise wednesdays


home sweet home

morning coffee

As you may have already known, my time spent in Chicago has ended. I have moved back to my hometown to live with my parents.

After a three year absence, it has been an interesting transition living life a little differently than I normally would. Instead of cooking dinner when I come home after work, I come home to dinner ready on the table after a long day. I no longer have to wash dishes by hand, as there is a DISHWASHER in the kitchen (finally!). The most beautiful thing of all? Rent checks, electricity and cable bills do not exist for me.

But there have been other things that have taken a bit of adjusting…

My parents want to know where I’m going/who I’m going with/where I’m staying/if I’ll be home…every single day. I’m used to simply walking out the door and these constant questions are strange getting used to.

Keeping the house tidy. Of course I respect my parents’ wishes for a clean home, but as a messy person I’m used to throwing my clothes on the floor to find the perfect outfit. Folding? What’s that?

The lingering memories of my old bedroom. It’s a bittersweet feeling to be hanging out in my old bedroom, surrounded by old pictures and favorite quotes I lived by in my high school years. I’m faced with nostalgia on a daily basis now , and I’ve had some ambivalence on the changes that have occurred these past few years and how much I’ve grown from it all.

My mind used to tell me that moving home was considered failure. But throughout my time here I’ve come to realize that I shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting to come back to my roots for a little while. This familiar way of life has been a catalyst for my future and enjoyment for the present. I’m taking in as much of my mom’s home cooking as I can. I’m appreciating the time I have with my family and close friends before I move 2,000 miles away. But most of all, I am remembering all of my heartaches from the past and finally letting them go because I’ve grown apart from them.

When my time comes to leave this place I’m happy I’ll be able to say “I went home. And it was difficult and it was beautiful and it is a part of me.”


Photos: Sincerely, Kinsey

the little things…


1. Historic Black & White Photos Colorized.

albert einstein

Albert Einstein, Summer 1939

View more photos here.

2. Denim & Lace (perfect fall outfit).


3. Cotton candy bouquet.

cotton candy bouquet

4. The perfect napping space.

napping space

5. Lorde.


fashionista friday: Amanda

I was inspired by my throwback thursday post from yesterday and thought today would be the perfect day to show off Amanda’s trendy outfit from a couple weeks ago.


How hot does she look?! I’m obsessed with this bad ass ensemble. This look would be perfect for a night out on the town or traveling cross-country on a Harley.

Match the look:


Two Tone Disco Pants – $98 (American Apparel)

Black Crop Top – $28 (NastyGal)

Black Spike Shoes – $61.99 (Jeffrey Campbell)

Add some gunmetal jewelry & maybe a leather jacket to match, and you’ll be burning just like the weather.


throwback 90’s thursday: Carrie Bradshaw

carrie bradshaw

My idol.

tuesday reminder…

be kind


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